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HPD Sucat Now Open!
HPD Sucat Now Open! 01/20/2010 Unit A 4-B Jakka Plaza Mall, 8288 Dr. A. Santos Avenue, Sucat, Parañaque Tel. No. 836-34-31 Office hours: 7:00AM - 4:00PM Mon - Sat temporary sched ... read more.
HPD International is Now Open
HPD International is Now Open 01/20/2010

HPD International is now open on 7:00am to 4:00pm located at HPD Retiro Branch - 674 N.S. Amoranto Sr. Ave. corner Biak Na Bato St., Quezon City
Tel.No.: 415-2622

HPD in Facebook
HPD in Facebook

Update on Online Results
Update on Online Results January 12,2010 Patients can now go to any Hi-Precision or HPD Plus branches for their blood exams and retrieve their test results in the internet or at any Hi-Precision / HPD Plus branches near you! To get our complete branch listing click the following links: ... read more.
Treadmill Stress Test
Treadmill Stress Test January 3, 2009

Treadmill Stress Test is now available. 
Call to schedule an appointment: 413-79-50(Del Monte); 404-14-41 (Kalaw)

BT Card now available!
BT Card now available! November 28, 2008

In case of emergenices, know your blood type.  It could save your life or the life of another.

HPD goes more High Tech
HPD goes more High Tech November 20, 2008 HPD has recently acquired the new Cobas 6000 analyzer. This machine will allow customizable configurations, a modular work area, expandability and flexibility for the chemistry and Immunology department. Patients will get faster turnaround time on their results, hands-off sample processing, the ability to process STAT samples, automatic reflex testing, and simple maintenance that requires little operator intervention. This allows HPD to deliver a higher level of service to our customer... read more.
Laboratory Test Information
Laboratory Test Information March 1, 2008

To all online account users you may now search for Lab test definitions in the "LAB TEST INFO" section located on the top page of your online account.

Online Account
Online Account February 1. 2008

You may now change your LOG IN ID and Password after your first log in, in "MY ACCOUNT"

Advanced Lab Solutions
Advanced Lab Solutions July 24, 2007 Advance Lab Solutions has opened its first branch in SM Megamall. Located at the 5th floor inside Delos Santos STI Megaclinic. Advance Lab Solutions offers a complete line of laboratory examination. For more information call: 02 633-59-07 ... read more.
Launching of the Community Forum
Launching of the Community Forum April 26, 2007 The Health Online Community Forum is one of our ways of providing you free access to important medical information. It also adds a new channel for you and our Community Doctors to interact, communicate, and discuss anything about Health and Wellness. ... read more.
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